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Website security at your service Web Motivation simplifies and empowers the world of web by supporting you and your business through comprehensively securing your website in the right way so you can do business on the web.

Once your website and web design is created in order to make it live on the web so people can view your website it will need to have hosting. However, most people have very cheap and basic hosting that doesn’t secure and protect your website.

Quite simply standard website hosting excludes protecting your website from any viruses, malware infections and spam or any ongoing updates once the website is live. However, you do have a few options to really protect and secure your website and update it.

Our aim is to make the web stress free and easy for you so you don’t have to worry. These packages aim to protect your website from identity theft, fraud, spyware, spam, viruses and online scams.

Remember somewhere in the region of 30,000 websites are hacked everyday! Viruses are increasingly common with the web now days. 

Viruses of any kind are a scary breed. If you get a website virus, there’s risk of losing the investment you have made in your website and the functionality that makes it perform how it should do. Like a human infection virus, there’s risk of website capabilities, loss of memory and even death to your site! That is exactly why we are helping you to mitigate this risk by having the protection and security in place of my comprehensive secure package. Please see below.

Reasons why you may want to be on a Website Security Package with Web Motivation:

Standard web hosting by default excludes protecting your website from any viruses, malware infections and spam that can potentially harm your website. These attacks are becoming increasingly common and therefore this is your insurance that mitigates your risk!

– Otherwise you are at risk and you will have to pay someone as and when to manually cure the virus, clear it down! And then restore and test your website back to full working order.

What the Comprehensive secure plan includes:

Rolling back ups of your website, we can restore your website with a previous backup rather than an origination backup!

Website glitches in case the above doesn’t cure the virus, we will manually restore your website FREE of charge.

Software updates so your website is kept up to date with the latest plugin applications and navigation widgets.

Malware and virus monitoring, we will scan your website frequently to look for unwanted virus attacks to tackle the issue before the virus has a chance to spread!

Hacking protection to limit login attempts to prevent unwanted hackers trying to access your website.

Ongoing support – technical, backup, virus and hacking support!

Website Security – How Web Motivation can help you and your business?

Basic Secure Plan:

In addition to basic website hosting you get the following as well:

Basic Spam Monitoring – Checks your website daily to make sure it’s free of spam lists.

Basic Malware Monitoring – Scans your website daily for malware that would block potential visitors.

Basic Business Verification – Validates that your business exists and can be trusted.

Site Verification Certificate – Show your customers that they can trust your site and increase conversions.

Blacklist Monitoring – Don’t let your webpage get quarantined by Google due to risks of spreading infections.

Email Spam Verification – This ensures that your emails reach your customers’ inbox and not their spam folders.

Comprehensive Secure Plan:

In addition to the basic hosting and basic secure plan above you get the following as well:

Rolling back ups of your website – in the unlikely event that there are some glitches with your website including a major virus, we can restore it with our previous backups so rest assured you will not lose the investment you have made in your website. We personally back up your website via a secure external hard drive based in the UK.

Daily virus scans to protect your website – help prevent your website having a virus, we can scan your website every day ensuring your website doesn’t get infected.

Daily security scans to protect your website – monitor suspicious activity to your website and protect against someone trying to hack into your website.

Website Glitches – in the unlikely event of any glitches we can fix it right away. We will ensure all clickable links work again providing your clients with that user friendly experience. We will work on any such repairs within 48 hours.

Check your website speed – keeping your website up to date and with the latest software keeps your website loading fast which helps provide a user friendly experience, and also helps with your Google rankings so people can find you.

Price: The investment will depend on a number of factors including the size of your website, functionality and size of your email storage etc. Please contact me to find out more.

What happens if I already have hosting elsewhere?

We can transfer your space from an existing supplier to our very own. We offer comprehensive packages protecting your website, most people don’t offer this. We provide a fast transfer time as well, so your website is transferred on our web servers within a few days for us to look after for you.

To find out more call Alex today for a 1to1 chat or contact below so we can explore your exact web, website hosting and website security requirements.

Web Motivation operates and service areas within the South of England, UK including London Croydon, Surrey, Kent, Sussex, Sutton, Bromley, Crawley Gatwick & more. To find out more call Alex for a 1to1 chat or get in contact by email below.

How do I get started?

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