Website Refurbishment and Redesign

You may of course already have a website, but it may not be working for you as well as it could be. This package will allow for small to medium changes that will bring your website and web design up to date and make it function to really fit you.

Why might I need this?

Websites that were created even a few years ago, often look outdated. If a web design does not look or have a contemporary design or feel to it, people will be reluctant to buy from you. You can quickly tell if a website and web design that was created sometime ago.

Old Laidlaw electrical     wed design sutton

(Website created 2 years ago v Website created today)

After all, how many websites have you not connected with and therefore not bought from because the website or web design looked old and out of date? This is exactly what you want to avoid,  especially if you are paying for your web designer or any web online internet marketing services to help connect more people to your website.

Did you know?

A website visitor will make their mind up whether to stay or leave your website in just 8 seconds! This is why your website and web design is so important!

The customer is always demanding more! Gone are the days where you could have a simple website design and website with a brief message and sell your products and services. The customer now expects a credible and professional web design and website where investment has been made. Can you really afford not to?!

website design surrey

A website design that is truly professional is essential to establishing the level of trust and expertise in order to connect you with your potential customers, once this has been accomplished will someone actually feel like they want to buy from you.

Our commitment to you is a website and web design that you are really happy with and your visitors respond to (based on our advice and recommendations).

Professional website refurbishment that fits and works for you. The investment will depend on the website purpose, functionality and number of pages required.

Website Refurbishment Package:

  • Website refurbishment of your existing website platform over to the most popular website platform wordpress. Starting price starts from £500.
  • Or a redesign of your existing wordpress website, redesigned and updated to really work for you. Details below.

Do you already have a wordpress website? Is it not quite working for you? But you don’t necessairly want a completed new website? These changes include website enhancements to make your website look and function better, to really work for you.

Functional changes to the website that we will need to quote for include:

  • Design enhancements to really fit you
  • Changes to the website layout.
  • SEO Plug ins (software updates) and on page optimisation
  • Blog setup and configuration
  • Image uploading (photos to be sent if required)
  • Custom optin box (so people subscribe to your website)
  • Google Analytics (website stats) installation
  • Shopping cart functionality (so you can sell through your website)
  • Interactive Google maps (so people can find out where you are located)
  • Content uploading (all content must be provided)
  • Social media integration (icons and like functionality added to your website)
  • Social media feeds (Twitter/ Facebook feeds added to your website)
  • Increased website/ email storage for large websites that need more space
  • Glitch or virus repairs – working & fixing any such repairs

Price range: £75 – £250 (depending on the requirements – please contact us to find out more).

We can also do a custom web design requirement upon request.

Please note: If you want fairly regular updates and changes it may be worth considering my website management plan to give you everything you need.

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