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SEO london at your service Web Motivation simplifies and empowers the world of SEO in London and the surrounding areas so more people can find your website more easily for london based businesses and the surrounding areas.

Once your website or web design london (for more information about our web design services in London please click the link above) and the surrounding areas is up and running live on the web. We now need to help people find it. Otherwise you could have the most fantastic website, but if no one can find your website no one will buy from you. This is exactly why the businesses of London come to us and we love to help the entrepreneurs of London get their websites really working for you.

What is SEO london?

SEO london stands for Search Engine Optimisation in london. SEO is about getting your website seen by more people who are actively searching for you and your services in london and the surrounding areas. It’s about brand distribution on the web and a way of helping websites rank as high as possible within search engines such as Google for their chosen keyword or searched phrase such as seo in sutton. A searched word or key phrase is referred to as a keyword. For example, seo london, seo in london, london seo. Generally the higher you appear in the search rankings the more people that will find you and therefore click on your website. Do you know where you rank currently?

More and more local london based businesses are turning to SEO london as part of their internet marketing london strategy to appeal to more customers. Google rather than Yellow Pages is now taking over traditional ways of marketing and online promotion.

Are you new to the world of SEO? For more information about how Search Engine Optimisation SEO works click the link.

SEO in london – why Web Motivation?

So many people confuse and complicate the world of SEO. But it really doesn’t need to be this way. We simplify the world of search engine optimisation in crawley and empower you to get the most from it.

There are a lot of web sharks out there who simply over promise and under deliver. We pride ourselves on doing things in the right way and delivering quality results. We simplify and empower the world of Search Engine Optimisation to really fit you. There is no one size fits all approach, we customise every SEO london campaign to really fit you and your unique business area.

We not only provide regular reporting we also translate and interpret these reports and analytics so you can really understand what results your are getting. Most companies out there don’t actually do this so you don’t actually know what they are doing for you as its invisible. We will regularly send you updated reports in terms of the work we have been doing, and the impact it has had on your website, so you fully understand what is being done.

We also perform an in depth website audit and review to start with, in order to get underneath the bonnet of your website, so you can really establish where you are currently to where you want to be and we just hold you hand and help you get there. Not many people actually do this.

If you are a smaller business in london and the surrounding areas you may want to rise up the Google rankings for your local area as that is where your potential customers are e.g. London. However, if you are a slightly larger business for example, located in a number of different locations you may want to rank nationwide or at least in several nearby areas. For example, London, Bromley London, Sutton London, Croydon London, Crawley Sussex, Surrey, Kent, Sussex etc.

Web Motivation SEO London Commitment:

Our commitment to you is to get you as high up Google for the relevant keywords or searched phrases to meet your business needs in london and the surrounding areas.

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SEO Services in London – Web Motivation my world of SEO in London service to you

We simplify and empower the world of SEO for small medium sized businesses in london, croydon london, bromley london, sutton london, crawley gatwick the surrounding areas to help you get as high up the Google rankings as possible for your business area. We have tried, tested added to these strategies over a long period of time and know what gets results.

We do the following for every SEO client in London and the nearby areas:

seo in london

  1. Website Audit, Review & Strategy, in depth diagnosis of your website. Checking underneath the bonnet of your website.

An in depth website audit and review based on market research and competition analysis of your specific website and industry. It will also help clarify any challenges with your website which could impact it in a negative way and rectify any website issues before we start the bulk of the search engine optimisation SEO in London work.

For example, its like taking your car to the car garage to be fixed, you would likely need an in depth diagnosis for them to tell you exact what’s wrong. This works in much the same way and its where most people go wrong with their london search engine optimisation as they simply do not understand their market well enough (what their website is actually ranking for currently vs what people are actually searching for). Once we have checked under the bonnet of your website, we can then move swiftly on with the rest of your SEO london work before really driving your website forwards.

The in depth website audit and review in london includes the following:

  • Web design london assessment and recommended improvements
  • Market research and analysis in london and the surrounding areas
  • Competition research and analysis
  • Keyword assessment, recommendations and strategy
  • Website content analysis and recommendations
  • Your websites backend and structure
  • Brand distribution
  • Current or potential issues with your website
  • Customised reports, translated and interpreted for you

We will then be in a better position to advise and manage your website moving forward. It’s a bit like looking at the engine of a Formula 1 car! We need to get you, the Formula 1 business for London and the surrounding areas, in the pits and check underneath the bonnet of your website in order to really get the wheels turning.

For more information about our in depth website audit and review and how it can help you click here.

  1. Fix, Repair and SEO london Changes we make to your website.

The next stage and in line with the results from (above), is to reflect the outcomes from your website audit and review to your actual website. This may actually involve fixing and repairing some key issues, which profoundly impact your website or web design in bromley in a negative way. This will certainly involve making changes in line with Google’s best practice ranking criteria. In Formula 1 terms, so we prepare you for the race of your lives.

  • Setting up the keywords in your website for London and the surrounding areas
  • Domain or web address name research and checking
  • Create and adjust SEO friendly page headings
  • Create and adjust SEO friendly page titles
  • Create and adjust SEO friendly page title tags
  • Set and adjust heading tags for each page
  • Optimise and adjust images
  • Create and upload sitemaps to the website
  • Internal linking
  • Website content uploading and positioning
  • Website performance, speed and security check
  • Broken link testing
  • Security checking including glitches & technical issues
  • Google Analytics tracking to the website
  • Google Webmaster to the website
  • Reporting and analysis of all activities including ranking reports for keywords and your website traffics stats.

All of this will help Google find and understand your website.

   3. Brand distribution & making your website or web design london more visible, putting in the engine to accelerate you forwards.

Now we need to start fine tuning and getting your website found more easily for your business area on the web. This is about making your brand more visible in London to more people in more ways. How we do that is through brand distribution across the web for your business area, increasing your popularity for your business area. It’s like putting in the engine to run your car, the key component that will drive you forward.

  • In line with market research and analysis of London and the surrounding areas
  • In line with competition research and analysis
  • Set up of business directories in line with your brand & business area
  • Set up of PR sites in line with your brand & business area
  • Set up of social media and social sharing accounts in line with your brand & business area
  • Set up of blogging sites in line with your brand & business area
  • Fresh website content distribution
  • Ongoing competitive link building in line with your brand & business area
  • Ongoing fresh website content distribution across business directories in line with your brand & london business area
  • Ongoing fresh website content distribution across PR sites in line with your brand & london business area
  • Ongoing fresh website content distribution across social media and social sharing accounts in line with your brand & london business area
  • Ongoing fresh website content distribution across blogging sites in line with your brand & london business area
  • On going reporting, translation and interpretation for you
  • Ongoing website performance, speed and security checking
  • Ongoing security maintenance checks, including glitches & technical issues
  • Ongoing Google Analytics & tracking of your website
  • Ongoing Google Webmaster & analysis of your website

Now we have really got your business wheels in motion and we are turning in the right direction, we can now really accelerate you and your website forwards! Momentum is a powerful thing.

   4. Analytics translated and interpreted for you, making the invisible visible, fine tuning and steering you in the right direction.

Once everything has been set up and your building momentum for london and the surrounding areas we do need to ensure we continue to steer you in the right direction, we do this by constantly assessing and reassessing not only the work we have done for you but more importantly the results you are getting.

We not only report this to you, but most importantly we interpret these results and translate them to you in a way you can fully understand. Most people don’t actually do this and that’s why they get confused! We make the invisible visible so you fully understand what is going on.

What is the price for your SEO london services?

The investment will depend largely on the outcome of your in depth website audit and review which looks comprehensively at a number of factors including your market research and analysis, your competition research and analysis, keyword assessment, recommendations and strategy for you and your business area. Remember every client in london and the surrounding areas is different, there is simply no 1 size that fits all approach when it comes to your crawley search engine optimisation anymore, beware of anyone offering this! Google simply does not like duplication. Everyone has a tailored plan to you and your unique business.

To discuss your specific SEO in london requirements, call Alex now for a 1to1 chat (contact details below).

Feel like you may want to do this yourself – 1to1 Marketing through your website training?

The other side to my business coin is I can train you to do it for yourself (self help training), as part of my structured 1to1 Marketing through your website training in london. Most people don’t actually realise many of the SEO strategies you can do yourself and I can show you through my 1to1 web SEO DIY training in london.

* Please be aware to manage the SEO work yourself it is quite time consuming, in fact some of my clients even get trained first to fully understand the full process, before we actually do it for them. The option is yours anyway.

How do I get started?

Call Alex, Head Motivator let me tell you more on 07740578212.


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