Mobile Websites

At Web Motivation we empower mobile web as well as normal web. We specialise in websites and web design creation on mobile phones as well as normal web computers.

Why do I need a mobile website created?

There are more people using the web to find local businesses, products and services than ever before. One of the main ways people are doing this is through their mobile phones. This way people are more likely to stay on your website and buy from you, as the website and web design is easy to view and use on a mobile phone. Is your website mobile responsive?! We can help you!

More people are using mobile phones to view the Internet than computers.

Digital 4n6 mobile        wed design kingston

(Mobile Responsive Website v Desktop normal computer Website)

Can you not just view your original website from your mobile phone?

The problem is the website you have created previously will only show properly on normal web (when viewing on a Computer or Laptop).

clay spa non responsive mobile    (Mobile unfriendly Website)

Therefore in order to fit the mobile phone and tablet computer format, the website and web design now needs to be created so it fits the mobile phone device and is user friendly. This way people are more likely to stay on your website and buy from you, as its easy to view and use.

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Remember a visitor makes their mind up whether to stay or leave your site in just 8 seconds!

The customer purchasing habits are changing! Gone are the days where you could have a simple website design and website with a brief message and sell your products and services. The customer now expects a credible and professional web design and website where investment has been made. Can you really afford not to?!

A website design that is truly professional is essential to establishing the level of trust and expertise in order to connect you with your potential customers, once this has been accomplished will someone actually feel like they want to buy from you.

After all, how many websites have you not connected with and therefore not bought from because the website or web design was difficult to use on a mobile phone? This is exactly what you want to avoid,  especially if you are paying for your web designer or any web online internet marketing services to help connect more people to your website and mobile website.

Mobile Website Creation Packages

Professional mobile friendly web design and website that really fits and works for you. The investment chosen will depend on the website purpose, functionality and number of pages required.

Mobile Website Creation Package:

  • Website created using Mobile Responsive Design – creating the design and structure to fit Iphones, Android, iPad and other smartphones and tablet devices
  • Mobile website built to make it easy for you to manage, control and change
  • Custom branding (built around your regular web design, look & feel)
  • Content and Image uploading (from your regular website)
  • SEO friendly so it ranks highly on Google mobile
  • Blog setup and configuration
  • Contact Form so people can contact you
  • Ecommerce/ shopping functionality so you can sell through your website should you wish to

Price range: £250 – £9,450 (depending on number of pages and requirements – please contact us to find out more).

We can also do a custom mobile web design requirement upon request.

How do I get started?

Call Alex, Head Motivator let me tell you more on 07740578212.

Email: To get in contact by email visit our contact page.