Mayday! Mayday! Mayday! Are you UNCERTAIN about your Website’s Security?!

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Mayday! Mayday! Mayday! Are you UNCERTAIN about your Website’s Security?!

You have probably heard in the media all the grumblings to do with cyber crime? Most recently what is happening in the NHS?

Well did you know your website is also vulnerable to!

Somewhere in the region of 30,000 websites are hacked everyday!!!

Are you 100% confident your website is protected in the right way?

Hosting is your website’s space on the web. In order for people to continually view your website live on the web it needs to have hosting. Most people don’t realise this but standard hosting by default simply does not protect and secure your website from any viruses, malware infections and spam.

The brands advertising give you very basic and unsecure hosting putting you at risk! Most people don’t realise this until it’s too late and their website’s have been infected. Can you afford this to happen to you?

Viruses are a part of the vulnerability of the web now days!

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Given that somewhere in the region of 30,000 websites are hacked everyday! Viruses are increasingly common with the web now days.

Viruses of any kind are a scary breed. If you get a website virus, there’s risk of losing the investment you have made in your website and the functionality that makes it perform how it should do. Like a human infection virus, there’s risk of website capabilities, loss of memory and even death to your site!

Can you really afford to lose your Website?

Well fear not Alex Ramsden will come to the rescue with his renowned handy web rescue security tips to motivate you into that my website is secure feeling.

5 handy web security tips to safeguard your web world:

1. Origination backup! When you get your website created ask for an origination back up from your web designer, most people don’t do this but at least if the worse happens you will always have the reassurance that you can restore your website back to it’s original state.

2. Rolling backups! If you are updating your website regularly with content changes, Search Engine Optimisation etc you will also want to regularly backup your website with rolling back ups, then you always have the latest version backed up and ready to restore if need be!

3. Software updates! It is always worth updating regularly your Website’s platform software to ensure the main platform is up to date with the latest security settings! Are you doing this?

4. Plugins! Most of the popular Website platforms now such as the number 1 WordPress operate using peaces of software (Plugin Applications) that you can also install and update individually. The challenge is knowing the best software plugins in particular security plugins to install and update without them conflicting with your existing as this can cause glitches!

5. Who is your web knight in shining armour? If the worse does happen you will want a reliable web guru to at least try and restore your website. Complete fixes are not always possible (depending on the extent of damage). But you will want someone you trust with your Website’s login details to attempt to manually cure the virus, clear it down! And then restore and test your website back to full working order. Know anyone that fit’s this description ☺.

alex ramsden web motivation knight in shinging armour

There is no absolute guarantee you will not get a virus, but you can certainly give yourself the best possible protection moving forwards!

Want to know more? Well Fear not Alex’s is here to rescue you!

Please give me a call today especially if your still unsure about any of this and what protection your website has or hasn’t got in place.

Web Motivation empowers website’s by giving them the best possible protection. Check out our comprehensive security plans today!

Or if you would like to understand more by being able to host, protect and secure your website in the right way yourself, I can train you to do it for yourself.

Again most people don’t do this and it’s easy once you know how!

If you’re unsure about the safety of your web world please contact me today!

Alex Ramsden, Web Motivation, Supporting your through Comprehensive Security for your Website!

How do I get started?

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