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Mayday! Mayday! Mayday! Are you uncertain about your website?!

Fear not Alex will come to the rescue and use his renowned web rescue training kit to motivate you into that I like my website feeling.

My personalised interactive 1 to 1 training will show you how to use and update your existing Website to really work for you or even create your very own Website from scratch – please hold your shouts of Mayday until the end.

I also run a personalised web marketing segment through your website training, where I can show you how to specifically promote your website.

Starting or developing a web business can be a really confusing and a disastrous place.

- You may be an individual just starting out, an established business owner, an entrepreneur, part of a global corporation or even a freelancer of some sort?

- You may be contemplating starting or developing a new fabulous website?

- Or you may simply be hacked off or not 100% confident with your diamond in the rough existing website and feel it’s a perfect moment to fall in love all over again?

- Maybe you’ve had an unhappy relationship with Google and promoting your website in the past?

- You may have fallen out with your web designer or web design company or at least close to doing so, as you feel they may not quite be giving you what you need?!

Well Fear not Alex’s is here to rescue you!

You see a lot of my clients get to a point where they are confused and distressed about their web world and I’m here to help! Does this sound familiar?

What most people don’t tell you is how to do this yourselves and it’s easy once you know how! I promise my training works!

How Alex can rescue you and what most people don’t show you is:

- What most people don’t show you…is how to create an absolutely great website that truly reflects you and your unique business!

- What most people don’t show you…is under the bonnet of your website, how to update and use your existing WordPress website so you can quickly and easily manage this yourself!

- What most people don’t show you…how to create your very own website from scratch that doesn’t take months in development!

- What most people don’t show you…is how to actually promote your website on Google and elsewhere so more people can find your website more easily!

- What most people don’t show you…is how to protect the investment you have made in your website by having control of your web logins, regularly backing up and securing it against viruses and technical glitches!

If any of these Mayday relieving web training thoughts touch a positive feeling or you know anyone who may benefit then please talk to me.

Alex Ramsden, Web Motivation, supporting you through interactive training for your website.

How do I get started?

Call Alex for a 1to1 chat on 07740 578 212


To get in contact by email visit our contact page.

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