Does your Website motivate you…?

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Does your Website motivate you…into that I like my website feeling?!

Over 4 years ago I founded the concept of Web Motivation based upon my passion to help small medium sized businesses, get their websites really working profitably and successfully for them. After all most people don’t actually like their own websites let alone feel motivated by them and this is where I am here to help.

Part of the challenge comes from the fact most web designers and web marketing companies don’t quite give you what you want! They just don’t quite get your requirements.

You end up feeling lost, frustrated, out of control by the whole situation.

Today I ask you to consider whether your website truly motivates you and to share with you another story of passion and motivation …

motivational websitesThe most Motivational story in British Football!

In Sport like Business this is an absolutely marvelous story about how grit, determination, passion, teamwork and self-belief can enrich you into positive action!

A Fans Football Club called AFC Wimbledon owned and run by their fans yes their fans (not a rich wealthy businessman like so many) have recently been promoted for the 6th time in just 14 years and I’m absolutely loving it let me tell you why…

For those of you not aware of their story and perhaps not really into football the reformed football club was set up when the old club, Wimbledon FC was taken away 60+ miles and moved or franchised to Milton Keynes nicknamed MK Franchise or Franchise FC. Think Darth Vader (Star Wars) aka the dark side of the game!

You see the club was moved by a wealthy businessman, Pete Winkleman who wanted to exploit the vulnerability of Wimbledon FC’s situation being homeless without a ground of their own and business opportunity (having previously failed to take several other Football teams in England away from their original routes) and was sadly sanctioned unbelievably by the FA commission who deemed Wimbledon were not in the wider interests of British Football.

This sadly left Wimbledon FC a former founding Premier League team (Vinnie Jones remember him??) with an enriched history of 100+ years including winning the FA Cup beating the fashionable Liverpool against all the odds in 1988 and their supporters no longer having a local football team to support as they were left devastated without a club. Imagine how you would feel if that was your favourite sports team or something close to you!!

In business I liken this story very much to quitting the Corporate world or being made redundant which is only too familiar these days, and deciding to take positive action by setting up your own business and taking control of your own destiny! Instead of taking the easy option and grumbling about it when let’s face it would have been so easy to do so or even start jumping on the bandwagon of supporting someone else like Chelsea, remarkably Wimbledon fans refused to give up and resurrected their club like a phoenix from the ashes and AFC Wimbledon was founded.

The fans had to endure all the challenges with starting on their own (just like running a small medium sized business or setting up your first website). … raising money and sponsorship extremely quickly to find a new stadium for the new season, enter a professional league and even attract players and a team to represent them. With open trials held on Wimbledon common, fans and amateur players turned up in their droves to try out for the reformed Wimbledon as they were preparing to start in the 9th tier of English football known as the Combined Counties League. For their first match AFC Wimbledon didn’t even have a kit of their own!!

does your website motivate youFast-forward 14 years and the club’s rise has been truly remarkable winning numerous awards and trophies along the way including 6 promotions!!!

AFC Wimbledon last week Monday remarkably won their playoff final game at the biggest stage of all, Wembley Stadium in front of 60,000 fans to gain yet another promotion! With a new stadium of their own on its way (awaiting to be signed of by the London major) not bad for a team who started out playing semi professionally, slightly higher than Sunday League football! What’s more AFC Wimbledon will now be in League 1 (just 2 divisions below the world famous Premier League), and ironically the same league as MK Franchise the team that was taken away from them. To put it another way seeing AFC Wimbledon arrive in the same league as MK Franchise is like watching the real Elvis Presley creep up on an Elvis impersonator. Anyway enough about them!!!

The real motivational moral of this story is anyone who believes in Never giving up, Karma, The Law of Attraction this is a true testament and case study that truly shows in life and business if you take positive action you will succeed! Of course this story truly motivates me but I may be biased, as I am a massive fan of AFC Wimbledon. Come on you DONS!!!!

Finally, I would ask you to consider whether your website truly inspires, motivates you and your website visitors? I can help you, please get in contact below.

Alex Ramsden, Web Motivation, simply creating motivational websites at your service.

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