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Is it time to hold a referendum for your website?!

Is it time to hold a referendum for your website?! Are you uncertain about your website?!

You may already have an existing website and may want to explore how to really get more from it or you may be contemplating a brand new website?

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I’ve created another web wheel…

I’ve now created another web wheel based on public demand! I’ve got my web DIY training wheel and i‘m wheely excited!!

My training wheel shows you how I train small medium sized businesses.

Web Motivation Training

How I can train you is through….

-       Updating content, images and video so you can do this yourself. That’s exciting!

-       Updating navigation widgets and plugin applications so you can do this yourself, unraveling your web mysteries!

-       Manipulating the design of your website so you can do this yourself, release your artistic genius!

-       Google search engine optimisation techniques and analytics so you can do this yourself, you are the analyst!

-       Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Google+ so you can do this yourself. Have fun expressing yourself!

If you want to know how to do this for yourselves why not get trained now when business is genuinely quieter?!

Want to know more about my personalised 1to1 interactive web DIY training or book into my training schedule then please contact me.

You can also check out my website here: web DIY training

Training that empowers you to do it yourself.


Wimbledon tennis has started…

Wimbledon tennis has started and are you returning the web ball correctly over the business net?!

In order for a website to be live in action in front of your customers it needs to have hosting… so the match can begin!

But how many of you are at risk of miss-hitting your shots by not regularly backing up and securing your website in the event of a virus or technical glitch?

My basic secure and comprehensive secure packages will help you to hit the ball back over the net so you get the right points for your business.

What most people don’t tell you is how to avoid these double faults, you simply need to protect the investment of your website otherwise you could suffer from a big loss.

Whether it’s a long shot lob, a back hand slice or a simple forehand I can help you!

Alex Ramsden, Web Motivation, your personal web tennis coach!

Let me show you my new wheels…

web motivation car

web motivation car

Let me show you my new wheels. I’m wheely excited!!

I’ve just got my car all branded up so I now have my very own mobile business card!

As a reminder, what I do for you is….

-       I create or recreate wordpress websites to fit your business!

-       I host, secure, backup & maintain your website

-       I promote your website through helping you rise up the Google rankings in your business area so more people can find you!

-       I create engaging web video clips putting you live in action in front of your customers!

The other spoke to my wheels is I can train you to do this for yourselves through my personalised 1to1 interactive Web DIY Training!

If any parts of my wheels touch a positive feeling with you or anyone you know then please get in contact with me.

Look out for my new wheels. See you on the road!


Happy Easter

EASTER is here and are you a HAPPY BUNNY with your website?!

One of the main EASTER BUNNY ways to get your website seen is to rise up the Google rankings so more people can find you.

You see a lot of my customers have a great website and they also have a lot of people reviewing it!

Rising up Google is a lot like an EASTER EGG HUNT. What my EASTER EGG HUNT does specifically is help Google find your EASTER EGGS so you rise up the Google rankings.

If your not sure how well you rank on Google please get in touch and we can explore your Google rankings?!

My motivation EASTER BUNNY can help you rise up the Google rankings.

If you would like to know more about SEO or SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION why not visit my TRAINING WARREN? My motivation EASTER BUNNY will give you 1to1 interactive training.

For more information about SEO can be found here on my website:

If you want to crack open your EASTER EGG with me and see what surprises pop out please contact me.

Wishing you a HAPPY EASTER!