Can you Feel the Force….?!

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The new Star Wars movie ‘The Force Awakens’ is coming out real soon and as excited as I am, I tell you I must…is it time for you to Feel the Force of your website?

In a galaxy not too far away from planet Earth…the force is strong within Web Motivation and Web Jedi Master Yoda Alex Ramsden, Alex and his Web Jedi powers can help you to really feel the force of you and your website today, IF you choose a path to join the bright side of the force through our bright website creation, Jedi Knights web DIY training and / or positively good Search Engine Optimisation Jedi like techniques.

I sense the force could be strong in you too! But your judgment may be clouded by the uncertain feelings you have towards your website? I sense you may not be sure what needs to be done!

Fear not my good friend, Master Yoda Alex and his Web Jedi powers can of course help you awaken the force within, feel the good with a view to create and / or update a bright new Jedi Knight positive website like feeling for yourself, to really connect your website to you.

For more information about Website Creation or web design & development, feel the force and check out my website today.

The other side to my Web Jedi powers I tell you I must and be mindful of the dark side and what they want to keep control of… is your website and HOW to update and manage this yourself. My personalised interactive 1 to 1 feel good training fit for a Jedi will show how to use and update your existing WordPress website or create your very own brand new, bright and beautiful website from scratch to really work for you and put you at ease, so you too can Feel the Force!

I can assure you my training really does work, once you know how and believe… DO or do not. There is no try! Have patience and trust, and I will show you a whole new light side to your web galaxy. Not many people actually show you HOW to do this. Feel the good and let me show you HOW through my web DIY Jedi Knights training today…when business is generally quieter?!

For more information about website training, feel the force and check out my website today.

I sense in you an element of dark feelings that only comes from nightmare rankings on Google, fear not and be mindful of your frustration… I can take my lightsaber out alias review your website with a view to becoming at peace towards your rankings on Google, so you too can feel the force and rise up the search engine rankings ethically. Feel the good and let more people find your website more easily!

For more information about Search Engine Optimisation SEO, feel the force and check out my website today.

I also run a personalised: Marketing through your website jedi training segment, where I can show you how to specifically promote your website through positive Search Engine Optimisation SEO Jedi like techniques and fun social media for your website training. HOW and WHAT specifically feel good techniques you can be doing for yourself that will empower you, put you at ease and save you from that dark side… negative like feelings towards your website. Don’t let the dark lord of your web Sith take control from you!

For more information about Marketing through your website training, feel the force and check out my website today.

The other alternative is you could choose a path to the dark side and a destiny of feeling pain, frustration and suffering towards your web universe. Choose wisely my dear friend…Feel the Force and don’t join the dark side!

What side of the force are you going to join?!

If any of these Website Creation, web DIY training , SEO thoughts touch a positive feeling or you know of someone who may benefit. Use your feelings wisely, release your light side and reach out to Web Jedi Master Alex today for a 1 to 1 chat to discuss your exact web requirements, and fulfill your destiny in a truly positive and empowering way.

Talk to me about my Web Motivation bright side.

May the Force be with you and your website always!

Your Web Jedi Master,


Alex Ramsden, Web Motivation, helping you Feel the Force of your website.

Web Motivation operates and service areas within a galaxy not too far away within the South of England, UK including London Croydon, Surrey, Kent, Sussex & more.

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