It’s Christmas time & Pantomime season is upon us….OH YES IT IS!

It’s Christmas time and Pantomime season is upon us….OH YES IT IS!

Are you ready to take a ride on my web carpet today through my magical web training?

Join me on my magic carpet for my motivational 1to1 customised web training empowers you to get the very best from your website, so you too can become your very own Web Genie!!!

Do you feel the power of the Web Motivation Genie!

Alex Ramsden Web Motivation Web Genie

I will share with you 3 web wishes for you to be your own web genie.

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Is it time to hold a referendum for your website?!

Is it time to hold a referendum for your website?! Are you uncertain about your website?!

You may already have an existing website and may want to explore how to really get more from it or you may be contemplating a brand new website?

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Does your Website motivate you…?

Does your Website motivate you…into that I like my website feeling?!

Over 4 years ago I founded the concept of Web Motivation based upon my passion to help small medium sized businesses, get their websites really working profitably and successfully for them. After all most people don’t actually like their own websites let alone feel motivated by them and this is where I am here to help.

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Mayday! Mayday! Mayday! Are you uncertain about your website?!

Fear not Alex will come to the rescue and use his renowned web rescue training kit to motivate you into that I like my website feeling.

My personalised interactive 1 to 1 training will show you how to use and update your existing Website to really work for you or even create your very own Website from scratch – please hold your shouts of Mayday until the end.

I also run a personalised web marketing segment through your website training, where I can show you how to specifically promote your website.

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New Happy Web Year!

It’s here the New Year and now what 2016 will bring to you and what can I bring to my business in 2016?

If like Disney’s Aladdin you want your (New Years) wishes alias resolutions granted you’re in luck now, I can be your web Genie come fly with me on my magical web carpet, your wish is my command and I can show you a whole new web word (the only thing I can’t grant you, is a cure for your celebratory New Years hangover)!

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Warm up your Frozen website this winter…

With temperatures dropping as we approach winter don’t leave your website frozen.

A website created even a couple of years ago will feel ice cold and out of date now and like Queen Elsa in Disney’s Frozen may leave you confused with a frozen heart. So break free now and don’t let your website freeze this chilly winter before you ring those warm and happy changes. Let it go! Let it go! (feel free to sing along with me)!

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