Are you ready to Spring forwards with your Website…?

The clocks are springing forwards this weekend…are you ready to spring forwards with your Website?!

spring forward with your website





- Is it time to create a new website?

- Or is it time to review your existing website?

- Perhaps you could be getting more people finding your website through Google?

- Are you even safeguarding / securing / protecting your website in the right way?

You have probably heard recently in the media about all the grumblings to do with cyber crime?

Well did you know your website is also vulnerable to!

Somewhere in the region of 30,000 websites are hacked everyday!!!

Viruses of any kind are a scary breed. If you get a website virus, there’s risk of losing the investment you have made in your website and the functionality that makes it perform how it should do. Like a human infection virus, there’s risk of website capabilities, loss of memory and even death to your website!

website security





Can you really afford for this to happen?

There have been many type of viruses infecting websites:

- Iframe viruses

- Encoded Javascript viruses

- PHP Viruses

I have had 6 people contact me in the last few weeks who have either lost their website or their website has in fact got a virus why… because they didn’t taken the necessary precautions.

Most people don’t realise basic hosting is just that and it will certainly not secure and protect your website in the event of a virus or technical glitch.

Are you 100% confident your website is protected in the right way?

Web hosting is your website’s space on the web, in order for people to continually view your website live on the web it needs to have hosting but by default standard web hosting excludes protecting your website from any viruses, malware infections and spam that can potentially harm your website.

So what are you doing to protect and safeguard your website?

Well fear not Web Motivation offers comprehensive security packages to do just that and mitigate any risks to protect you and your website!

Want to know more?

If you’re unsure about the safety of your web world please contact me today and put a spring in your step today!

spring in your websites step






How do I get started?

Call Alex for a 1to1 chat on 07740 578 212


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Valentines Day…is it time to fall in LOVE with your Website?!

Valentines Day is here and are you ready to fall in love with your website again?!

love your website training- Is this a love affair moment to create a new wonderful looking website or web design?

- Or is it time to refurbish your existing website and fall in love all over again?

- Maybe you’ve had an unhappy relationship with your website that comes about from nightmare rankings on Google and you need a little sparkle, help and guidance to really feel the passion again for your SEO?!!

Well guess who can help you feel the love hmmm :)

Just like Will Smith’s movie, Hitch (great movie!) I can be your websites love doctor and help you feel the love again.

love your website training

Of course I can do this for you as I have an excellent team of people that will absolutely help you to feel the love again for your web world. 

But right now I’m excited to propose to your website about… my love your website training (don’t worry I won’t get down on 1 knee ;) )

My interactive 1 to 1 website training will show you exactly how to feel this appreciation through updating and using your existing WordPress website…

Or even create new feeling and romance by creating your very own website from scratch!!

And if you really want to make love with your website I can show you how to get on top…of Google. Please hold your excitement to the end!!!!

I am proposing to you an amazing choice of beginner and advanced website wordpress training courses tailored to your desires.

WordPress truly is a romantic platform for you building great looking websites quickly and easily with a whole raft of wonderful plug and play functionality. 

What’s more Google really does adore wordpress websites so it really is a wonderful match to get truly great website rankings.

I also run a personalised: Marketing through your website training feel great training segment. Where I can show you how to specifically promote your website through attractive Search Engine Optimisation SEO loved by Google techniques and engaging Social Media for your website training.

If you truly want to feel the love for your website again then please contact me today (details below).

Alex Ramsden, Web Motivation, Creating passion for your website.

How do I get started?

Call Alex for a 1to1 chat on 07740 578 212


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It’s Christmas time & Pantomime season is upon us….OH YES IT IS!

It’s Christmas time and Pantomime season is upon us….OH YES IT IS!

Are you ready to take a ride on my web carpet today through my magical web training?

Join me on my magic carpet for my motivational 1to1 customised web training empowers you to get the very best from your website, so you too can become your very own Web Genie!!!

Do you feel the power of the Web Motivation Genie!

Alex Ramsden Web Motivation Web Genie

I will share with you 3 web wishes for you to be your own web genie.

  1. Is this a magical moment to join me on my magic carpet for my 1to1 web training?

For more information about your Web Motivation Genie read here:

2 . Do you want to release the genie within so you too can rise up the Google rankings through my marketing your website training, so magically more people can find your website more easily?

For more information about your Web Motivation Genie read here:

  1. Do you want to feel empowered like a master of using Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin alias social media training to best effect and have fun expressing yourselves!!!

For more information about your Web Motivation Genie read here:

After all my training is fun…it is magical and will certainly make you web happy!

For more information about my magical web training read here:

Of course if training is not for you that’s absolutely ok. There is another side to my Web Motivation Genie for you and your business. A simple wish like solution…Web Motivation can do this for you! Contact me for a 1to1 chat to find out more.

Abracadabra. Pow!!! All you got to do is rub that web lamp today by getting in contact below and I can make your web wishes really come true and fulfill your every web destiny!

I can show you …

A whole New Web World! (sing along now!!!) 

That’s where we’ll be.

A thrilling chace.

A wonderous place

For you, your website and me.

Thank you!!!

Alex Ramsden, A LAD IN Web Motivation, Training you to become your own Web Genie!

How do I get started?

Call Alex for a 1to1 chat on 07740 578 212


To get in contact by email visit our contact page.

Don’t let your website scare you this Halloween…

Halloween is nearly upon us and is it time to avoid having a creepy website?

A website created even a couple of years ago may look horrific today and like werewolves at Halloween night may leave you howling. So why not treat rather than trick your website by ringing in those changes today….

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Is it time to hold a referendum for your website?!

Is it time to hold a referendum for your website?! Are you uncertain about your website?!

You may already have an existing website and may want to explore how to really get more from it or you may be contemplating a brand new website?

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Does your Website motivate you…?

Does your Website motivate you…into that I like my website feeling?!

Over 4 years ago I founded the concept of Web Motivation based upon my passion to help small medium sized businesses, get their websites really working profitably and successfully for them. After all most people don’t actually like their own websites let alone feel motivated by them and this is where I am here to help.

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Mayday! Mayday! Mayday! Are you uncertain about your website?!

Fear not Alex will come to the rescue and use his renowned web rescue training kit to motivate you into that I like my website feeling.

My personalised interactive 1 to 1 training will show you how to use and update your existing Website to really work for you or even create your very own Website from scratch – please hold your shouts of Mayday until the end.

I also run a personalised web marketing segment through your website training, where I can show you how to specifically promote your website.

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New Happy Web Year!

It’s here the New Year and now what 2016 will bring to you and what can I bring to my business in 2016?

If like Disney’s Aladdin you want your (New Years) wishes alias resolutions granted you’re in luck now, I can be your web Genie come fly with me on my magical web carpet, your wish is my command and I can show you a whole new web word (the only thing I can’t grant you, is a cure for your celebratory New Years hangover)!

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