Are you ready to Spring forwards with your Website…?

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The clocks are springing forwards this weekend…are you ready to spring forwards with your Website?!

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- Is it time to create a new website?

- Or is it time to review your existing website?

- Perhaps you could be getting more people finding your website through Google?

- Are you even safeguarding / securing / protecting your website in the right way?

You have probably heard recently in the media about all the grumblings to do with cyber crime?

Well did you know your website is also vulnerable to!

Somewhere in the region of 30,000 websites are hacked everyday!!!

Viruses of any kind are a scary breed. If you get a website virus, there’s risk of losing the investment you have made in your website and the functionality that makes it perform how it should do. Like a human infection virus, there’s risk of website capabilities, loss of memory and even death to your website!

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Can you really afford for this to happen?

There have been many type of viruses infecting websites:

- Iframe viruses

- Encoded Javascript viruses

- PHP Viruses

I have had 6 people contact me in the last few weeks who have either lost their website or their website has in fact got a virus why… because they didn’t taken the necessary precautions.

Most people don’t realise basic hosting is just that and it will certainly not secure and protect your website in the event of a virus or technical glitch.

Are you 100% confident your website is protected in the right way?

Web hosting is your website’s space on the web, in order for people to continually view your website live on the web it needs to have hosting but by default standard web hosting excludes protecting your website from any viruses, malware infections and spam that can potentially harm your website.

So what are you doing to protect and safeguard your website?

Well fear not Web Motivation offers comprehensive security packages to do just that and mitigate any risks to protect you and your website!

Want to know more?

If you’re unsure about the safety of your web world please contact me today and put a spring in your step today!

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How do I get started?

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