About Alex Ramsden – my mini bio

About Alex Ramsden Head Motivator at Web Motivation. The beginning of my journey I  graduated with a really good 2:1 in BSc Hons in Business Administration & Public Policy and Management at Aston University in Birmingham, 1 of the top Universities for Business in the UK if I do say so myself :). It was a great time for me expanding my appreciation self-discipline for success and evolving my passion for the business environment.

While at University my business desire motivated me to launch my own eBay business buying and selling electronic items and automobiles. Next my love of the electronic and digital world job took me to Microsoft and their online Internet division…world of web. AXA and KPMG were my next keynote corporate business experiences.

Being successful in the corporate world helped me realise that I needed and wanted to create my own business as the next step of my evolution. Combining my business passion and my digital passion I founded Web Motivation a concept I patiently designed to support small medium business, by helping them simplify and empower their world of web to really work profitably and successfully for them.

Today I directly work with and train a variety of small medium sized business owners to help them truly develop, launch and evolve their own successful web businesses. You see a lot of my clients get to a point where they are confused and distressed about their web world and I’m here to help! Does this sound familiar? I have a real passion for helping lovely people and it is really not difficult once you know how! I have been where you are today! I can feel your pain, understand your frustrations and relate to your web desires!!!

But don’t just take my word for it, check out some of our reviews!

alex ramsden web motivation

(Here is Alex Ramsden presenting to business entrepreneurs at a internet marketing london event).

I have also spoken at keynote web events inspiring the next generation of webpreneurs and truly successful web businesses. Anyone can run a successful web business…with a little, help and guidance. Let me show you a whole new web world today. Let’s make some web magic together!

Outside of business I am passionate about sport. I used to play football semi professionally and now an active and involved fan of AFC Wimbledon who play in Kingston, Surrey. The tennis court is my other love and playing at my local tennis club in Croydon, Surrey gives me great pleasure. The real values of sport – team appreciation – working together – understanding the needs of others and developing self to work with others really motivates me. These values help me to build good and positive relationships with my clients.

alex ramsden web motivation

By morphing together my business passion and sports values these combine very effectively to create the core of the success of Web Motivation.

I have also recently setup a group, tennis for small medium sized businesses, please feel free to spread the word and LIKE our Facebook page to stay in touch if you would like to join in?

My simple mission at Web Motivation is to create a web experience that motivates you and your web visitors, unlike most companies out there!

If you truly, absolutely, extraordinarily want to feel the love for your website again and avoid the challenges that most people go through with their web world, then avoid the headaches today and get in contact!

FEEL the LOVE today by visiting our contact page or calling Alex, Head Motivator let me tell you more on 07740 578212.